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Woman Jumps Into Fast-Flowing River To Save Her Senior Dog

Despite being a risky situation, many dog lovers would’ve done exactly what this woman did when her dog was in danger. Suzanne Forman’s 14-year-old Goldendoodle named Sienna got trapped in a fast-flowing river in Massachusetts. Forman couldn’t stand and watch while waiting for help to arrive. Instead, she knew she had to act fast. So, […]

Rescuer Finds Tiny Pup Using A Shoe As Shelter & Completely Transforms Her Life

On average, a dog who lives on the street won’t make it past 2-5 years old. They lack access to the proper nutrition and essential medical care that keeps family pets healthy. Also, unsanitary conditions can increase the risks of injury or infection. That’s why one man in Serbia dedicates his life to helping the […]

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Make Money Flipping Domains With ProfitDom

If you’re searching for a creative means to make some money, ProfitDom may be simply what you need. This sophisticated domain name turning training course will show you just how to purchase low-cost domain names and also market them for a profit. With ProfitDom, you’ll discover just how to find high-value domains, discuss prices, as […]

Domain Flipping Is The New Real Estate

Domain turning is the brand-new realty. It’s everything about purchasing low and offering high, and also it’s a great means to generate income in the digital age. With domain turning, you can acquire domains for as low as $10 as well as sell them for hundreds and even hundreds of dollars. It’s a fantastic means […]

Dog Trainer Saves Horse During Dog Walk

OMAHA, NE – On Sunday morning, dog trainer Jim Simmons was out for his usual dog walk when he came across a horse in distress. The horse was tangled in some barbed wire and was bleeding heavily. Jim quickly sprung into action and was able to cut the horse free and stop the bleeding. He […]

Job Simulator Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay

What Is Job Simulator? In Job Simulator, players participate in virtual occupations in a job museum run by robots resembling floating CRT computer monitors with faces. The positions are shown as tongue-in-cheek approximations of real occupations: “Auto Mechanic”, “Gourmet Chef”, “Store Clerk” and “Office Worker”. Accompanied by a computer figure who provides exposition and directions, […]

Man Makes Some Big Money By Creating His Own Job Websites

NASHVILLE, TN – A Tennessee man just found out what it’s like to be rich, thanks to a new software released that allowed him to create unlimited job websites. This software is called JobberMatic, and we just learned that anyone can get ahold of this amazing software. What Is JobberMatic? Jobbermatic is a cloud-based platform […]

Kidz Math Printables Review and Kidz Math Printables Demo

Get Kidz Math Printables Here: https://bit.ly/3BMUJBO In this video review, I will do a complete demo of Kidz Math Printables by Ken Bluttman. Kids Math Printables is a cloud based software program that enables you to easily make printable math worksheets, complete with answers. There are several levels of difficulty inside of Kidz Math Printables, […]