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Woman Jumps Into Fast-Flowing River To Save Her Senior Dog

Despite being a risky situation, many dog lovers would’ve done exactly what this woman did when her dog was in danger. Suzanne Forman’s 14-year-old Goldendoodle named Sienna got trapped in a fast-flowing river in Massachusetts. Forman couldn’t stand and watch while waiting for help to arrive. Instead, she knew she had to act fast. So, […]

Rescuer Finds Tiny Pup Using A Shoe As Shelter & Completely Transforms Her Life

On average, a dog who lives on the street won’t make it past 2-5 years old. They lack access to the proper nutrition and essential medical care that keeps family pets healthy. Also, unsanitary conditions can increase the risks of injury or infection. That’s why one man in Serbia dedicates his life to helping the […]

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Dog Abused & Left To Starve In An Abandoned Attic Falls In Love With Her Rescuer

Jami Lassell and her friend arrived at an abandoned house in Pennsylvania to clean out an attic. Little did they know, that moment would save a life. The attic had a foul smell of urine and feces. Then, they spotted a Pit Bull trapped up there who was nothing but skin and bones. It’s unclear […]

23 Famous People Who Are Obsessed With Their Dogs Too

Most of us dog lovers have no shame about calling our love for our dogs an obsession. Even though they’re on display virtually all the time, these famous people are proudly obsessed with their dogs too, and they certainly let it show. Here are 23 celebrities who love their dogs and love letting the world […]

Quirky Dog Abandoned For Being “Too Old” Now Educates Others

Rex, the 14-year-old Pekingese mix, is adorable in his own unique way. He has an extreme underbite and a tongue that hangs out on one side. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could resist his sweet face, but he was once abandoned only because of his age. His family gave him up because he wasn’t […]

Home Surveillance Captures Coyote Attack & Ultimate Rescue Of Family Dog

A California family is still in shock after helping their dog break free from a sudden coyote attack. The entire event was caught on home surveillance, showing the pivotal moment that saved Chico’s life. Kerri and Larry Ruiz live in Southern California with their adorable pup named Chico.  The Ruiz family loves their beautiful home […]

Man & The Dog Who Saved His Life In The Strangest Way Die Just Months Apart

In 2010, a small dog named Kiko saved his dad’s life, but at the moment, it didn’t seem like it. Jerry Douthett screamed for his wife Rosee to come help him one night. When she entered the room, she saw that Jerry’s toe was gone and Kiko’s mouth had blood in it. It might sound […]

Woman Visits Lonely Chained Dog For Years Until She Finally Gets To Set Her Free

Have you ever walked by a tied-up dog, and they’re so excited to see someone they test the strength of their leash just to come say hello? Imagine if that dog had been chained up like that for years. That’s the sad past of an Akita named Takia, who kept up her love for humans […]