Abandoned Dog Chews Off Own Leg As A Last Resort

  • By: Robert Mealson
  • Date: August 29, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Daryl Herington found a dog left for dead while he was working in Saginaw, Michigan. The dog was tied up in horrific conditions, left with no food, water, or shelter. To make matters worse, the canine is missing a leg.

Officials suspect that the poor Pit Bull thought she had no choice but to chew off her leg to free herself. When that didn’t work, she remained trapped there, feeling defeating and alone. Herington happened to be in the right place at the right time, and spotting the abandoned dog when he did might have even saved her life!

Image: Screenshot, wnem.com

Dog in Deplorable Conditions

Herington saw the pup in a backyard all alone. She was tied near a pile of wood, and it seemed like she chewed her leg off to escape a log that fell on her. Herington recently rescued a dog of his own named Doc, so he has a soft spot for animals in need. He can’t understand why anyone would do this.

“It’s a creature. It’s a living animal. Oh my god, how can you put an animal in that situation?” Herington said.

Law enforcement and animal control rushed to the scene as soon as Herington informed them of the neglected dog.

Man with his rescued dog
Image: Screenshot, wnem.com

“The dog was in urgent vet medical care within about 45 minutes once the officers got the call. Once they left the building and seized the animal and got the dog under care, it was within an hour. That’s pretty remarkable,” said Bonnie Kanicki with Saginaw County Animal Care and Control.

Innocent Dog Gets Her Chance to Shine

Kanicki later shared an update on the Pit Bull, letting the public know that she’s doing very well. After receiving necessary medical care, she’s still alive and well. However, very few images have been shared of the pup because she is part of a potential criminal case.

Many people reached out to the shelter to ask about the dog, but she isn’t up for adoption right now due to the ongoing investigation. Of course, there are still plenty of other dogs looking for homes. And if anyone sees a pup in danger like this Pit Bull, they are urged to call 911 above all else.

Dog in deplorable conditions
Image: Screenshot, wnem.com

“The response may have been delayed by Facebooking or people e-mailing. The correct response in an emergency situation with an animal in peril is to call 911,” Kanicki said.

Once there is more news about the dog, the shelter will release it publicly. But for now, we hope that the dog heals well and that the person responsible is caught. It’s so hard to imagine how anyone could do this to such a noble and loving creature.

H/T: wnem.com
Featured Image: Screenshot, wnem.com

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